Why use SMIS & SOMS?

1. If the user is seeking efficiency and effective means of conducting USOAP-CMA SARPs Management and Implementation System (SMIS) allows the user state to effectively and efficiently process following areas:
  • - State Letters
  • - Compliance Checklists(CC)
  • - State Aviation Activity Questionnaires(SAAQ)
  • - Protocol Questionnaires(PQ)
2. SMIS programme is compatible with ICAO CMA and acts as a “One-Stop” intermediary mechanism that enables management of overall compliance with the SAPRs with minimum human input.
1. If the user state is looking for efficient Safety Oversight system, ‘Safety Oversight and Management System(SOMS) will be able to provide.
  • - Safety Oversight: Planning, Inspection,
  • - SMS
  • - Foreign Oversight and Ramp Inspection (FORIC)
2. SOMS programme is very flexible. User state can customize and build the system with operating procedures,, minimizing the workload for professional