Introduction of MOLIT

Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport

  • In November 1948, the Ministry of Transportation was newly established
  • ROK became a ICAO Contracting State in December 1952
  • Civil Aviation Bureau, composed of five divisions, was created under the Ministry Of Construction & Transportation (MOCT) in August 1963
  • Director General for International Cooperation was newly created under the Civil Aviation Bureau of MOCT in November 1991
  • Newly-established Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) replaced Civil Aviation Bureau in August 2002
  • MOCT was replaced by newly-created Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport (MOLIT) under the new government in February 2008
  • CASA was abolished and its functions were integrated into the Office of Civil Aviation under MOLIT in May 2009
  • MOLIT was reorganized to The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport ( MOLIT) in March 2013


  • Our vision is to be an innovative leader in global civil aviation with the world's best air transportation system.


  • Our mission is to enhance a civil aviation system in more safe, secure, and efficient manner.


  • Safety is our utmost priority
  • We value our people
  • We pursue continuos innovation
  • We strive to achieve sustainable development of the nation's civil aviation industry