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Assembly – 38th Session

24 September to 4 October 2013 The ICAO Assembly is the Organization’s sovereign body. 
It meets at least once every three years and is convened by ICAO’s governing body, the Council. 
ICAO's 191 Member States and a large number of international organizations are invited to the Assembly, which establishes the worldwide policy of the Organization for the upcoming triennium.

Showcase of Electronic Tools 2013 (SET13)

23 September 2013, ICAO Headquarters, Montreal

In recent years, there has been a significant increase in the number of electronic tools available to aviation regulators to assist them in performing their responsibilities as part of the international civil aviation community. Many of these tools have been developed and/or used by Member States, some of which have shared those tools with other States. The trend of developing, using and sharing electronic tools is expected to grow.

This ICAO Showcase will provide insight into these developments through presentations and demonstrations of electronic tools by Member States and ICAO. It will also present a networking and knowledge-sharing opportunity through which participants can share best practices and lessons learned.

- 15 slots for presenters of approximately 20 minutes each
- Tool / Service information will be included in a catalogue available during the Assembly
- Exposure of your tools / services in the ICAO booth during the Assembly
- Possibility of “Themed” presentation blocks, depending on the number and types of tools /services being presented

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