The Republic of Korea (ROK) has developed SARPs Management and Implementation System (SMIS) and Safety Oversight Management System (SOMS) since 2006. Introducing and utilizing those two applications has led ROK to satisfactory results in USOAP CSA Audit in 2008. Since then requests for SMIS and SOMS have been raised by member states.
In order to meet the demands of the global aviation industry, the ROK developed an English version of SMIS and SOMS packages. The ROK has continued improvement of SMIS and SOMS and started free distribution to interested States with site training and remote technical support.
Based on the great wealth of experiences and skills on developing aviation IT systems, the ROK joined ICAO’s SARPs Management And Reporting Tool (SMART*) development project in 2012 by supporting the development of various modules under the SMART system. In this regard the ROK and ICAO signed Memorandum of Understanding in 2012 and renewed it at the 39th Assembly in 2016 to broaden the scope of cooperation.
The ROK will continue its cooperation with ICAO to advance the SMART system, as well as supporting the global aviation community by developing aviation-related IT applications according to stated needs and new industrial paradigms. Moreover, the ROK will consider the feedback from SMIS users to improve the utilization and user experience of the safety system.
The ROK will not only continue development and but maintenance of SMIS/SOMS, contribute to the global aviation community by continuously developing and upgrading safety systems for member States in order to improve implementation of ICAO SARPs.
*project name of co-developing ICAO Online Framework.