Background of SOMS Development

SOMS (Safety Oversight Management System) has been developed along with the most simple process of aviation safety inspection as a complementary and auxiliary means to ensuring continued surveillance after certified or approved Aircraft Operator/Airport/Air traffic service provider, etc.

It is developed based on the procedures of
- Safety inspection Manual (Doc. 9734)
- Manual of Procedures for Operations Inspection, Certification and Continued Surveillance (Doc 8335)

Characteristics of SOMS

SOMS can monitor the whole process for inspection plan, its implementation, result, issued corrective actions and its feedback 

The cumulated data such as statistical reports may reveal which target sector, group or individual target need more control and concentration through the whole inspection process. Monitor the whole process for inspection after issuing certificates for operation, airport, ATS service provider etc. Its flexible design enables user to adapt inspection implementation based on their own countries circumstances extending to flight operation, airworthiness, aircraft, airlines, airport, ATS service providers

Benefit of SOMS

SOMS will be expected to have many benefits as belows:  

a) Develop a systematic method to plan and manage the safety inspection activities over the State in accordance with ICAO requirements;   

b) Indicate which inspection target or checklist should be more concentrated at the next planning step through the inspection reports;  

c) Enable the safety inspection manager of civil aviation or inspectors to ensure the continuous monitoring or surveillance on the certificate holders;  

d) Provide a comprehensive assessment and maintenance of safety target; and  

e) Prevent duplicated effort, time, and cost to develop system managing inspection activity electronically with distributing system on a complementary basis.

Requirements of Hardware and Software

■ CPU type : Intel Pentium or Xeon Processor
■ # of CPUs : Min. 1 (2 or above CPUs recommended)
■ RAM size : Min. 1GB (2GB or above recommend)
■ Hard Disk : Min. 500GB (1TB or above recommend)

■ OS : windows XP or above
■ Web Server : Tomcat 7
■ Java : 1.7
■ DBMS : PostgreSQL 9.3