General Information

SMIS, SARPs Management and Implementation System, is a computer program designed for Civil Aviation Authorities (CAAs) to manage the ICAO Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs), corresponding national regulations, State Aviation Activity Questionnaire (SAAQ) and Protocols Questionnaires (PQ), and to process the ICAO State letters. 

This program was originally developed to operate in the internet environment. However, it may be operated in the intranet environment if internet access is not available. 

We highly recommend User States to operate this system in the internet environment in case that this system is interfaced with the ICAO electronic safety tools in the future.

Requirements of Hardware and Software

■ CPU type : Intel Pentium or Xeon Processor
■ # of CPUs : Min. 1 (2 or above CPUs recommended)
■ RAM size : Min. 1GB (2GB or above recommend)
■ Hard Disk : Min. 500GB (1TB or above recommend)

■ OS : windows XP or above
■ Web Server : Apache 2.2
■ PHP : PHP 5.2.5
■ DBMS : PostgreSQL 9.3