Introduction of KOTI


  • A core research institute that plays a crucial role in establishing national transport and logistics policies based on knowledge management and a research system oriented toward fusion and synergy



  • Leading efforts to formulate transport and logistics policies that can help promote advanced lifestyles and enhance future national values
  • Building a knowledge management system that can maximize knowledge creation capabilities and a knowledge sharing environment
  • Realizing a fusion-oriented synergistic research environment based on collaboration and creativity

1. What is Korea Transport Institute (KOTI) ?

  • KOTI is a Korean government affiliated research institute with governance of National Research Council for Economics, Humanities and Social Science (NRCS) under the Prime Minister’s Office of Republic of Korea
  • KOTI has contributed significantly to development of the nation’s transport and logistics policies as well as technologies for the past 30 years through provision of research and recommendations to central/local governments and public agencies

2. Roles and Functions

  • Its roles and functions are but not limited to developing national policies in the transport sector, providing policy-making assistance to the government and contemplate new strategies to support national transport policies
  • Developing global agendas and promote cooperation with developing countries and international organizations in transport Sector
  • Pursuing the Knowledge Sharing Program (KSP) in the transport sector and developing global agendas and promoting cooperation with international organizations