Download SMIS & SOMS

SMIS, SARPs Management and Implementation System, is a computer program designed for Civil Aviation Authorities (CAAs) to manage the ICAO Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs), corresponding national regulations, State Aviation Activity Questionnaire (SAAQ) and Protocol Questionnaires (PQ), and to process the ICAO State letters.

SMIS 1.0.3 released

If you have already installed the SMIS, please use the patch version.

New features

  • Security function improvement
    - Password policy application (at least 8 characters including special characters and numbers)
  • System update notification function
    - Provide system update information when a full license is issued
  • Department management improvement
    - Management of upper and lower department information
  • Improved contact assignment
    - Integrate action plan with staff
SOMS (Safety Oversight Management System) has been developed along with the most simple process of aviation safety inspection as a complementary and auxiliary means to ensuring continued surveillance after certified or approved Aircraft Operator/Airport/Air traffic service provider, etc.

SOMS 1.0.5 released

If you have already installed the SOMS, please use the patch version.

New features

  • Individual Checklist improvement
    - Added the option to store the period and the status within Individual Checklist
  • License management improvement
    - Show more information about confidentiality and privacy of personal data in License Dialog
  • Library Category
    - Improve user interface to add and to modify for Library Category

Bug Fixes

  • My Page > Non Availability List
    - Can not modify selected the item in Non-Availability List